Cryptocurrency Script [PoW/PoS] with wallets for Windows, Linux, WEB
and usability tools in constant development.

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AIRDROP and official launch on May 1, 2021
1,000,000 (DYN) to distribute to the community !!
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DYNARIAN is a digital currency project that allows instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without a centralized authority (transaction management and money issuance are carried out collectively by the community)


DYNARIAN uses a multi-factor or hybrid consensus script (Proof of Work/Proof of Stake)

Quick support

DYNARIAN uses traditional support through the email support@dynarian.com, but can also resolve your queries on Instagram and WhatsApp.

High security

Thanks to the use of the best of PoW/PoS and decentralized governance, we generate the security of the system thanks to the balance of both methods.


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You can use different ways to contact us depending on your need.
From sending us a message or Email, to consulting us with text and/or voice on WhatsApp.

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